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We are a member of Farraj Al-Agla and Partners Advocates Group, which has been established since 1982. The Group has several branches inside and outside the KSA. Our lawyers, consultants and arbitrators are always in duty to assist clients based on legal experienced and distinctive competencies through cooperation closely with a select group of law firms around the world in area of corporation law, international arbitration, contracts, investment law, establishing all type of companies, and other specialized legal services.


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Ali Alogla Law Firm
king Fahd Rd, Almohammadiyyah, Riyadh front of Riyadh Gallery Mall
Floor 3, Office No. 10
Phone: 0112061212
Email: info@alogla.com


1. Providing Legal and legitimacy Advice:

2. Drafting Contracts

3. Legal Procedures

4. Litigation

5. International representation


 Our Vision


provide a legal environment to be known as a perfect professional legal environment by bringing expertise and distinctive competencies.


   Our Message


cooperating with other active attorneys to deliver legal culture among members of the community in a clear manner.